[Press Release] Women have supported the Arab Spring, but will the Arab Spring now support women?



Women have supported the Arab spring.

But will the Arab spring now support women?

While the Arab spring was not about gender equality, women significantly participated in – and in some cases led – the protests that were the first stage in the remarkable change that is sweeping through the Arab world.

However, many women now feel that the men who were keen to have them on the streets fighting for freedom may not be so encouraging when it comes to having them in parliament, in government and in corporate boardrooms.

Across the Arab world, women believe that they are being short changed for the efforts they have made to help bring about a new democratic era. One Egyptian protester told Catherine Ashton in Tahrir Square: “The men were keen for me to be here when we were demanding Mubarak should go, but now he has gone, they want me to go home.” There is no provision for equality in the new Egyptian Constitution.

As the situation gets worse in some areas and the dust settles in others, WIIS Brussels gathers experts to look at the role of women in regime change movements, and the future for women in new democratic government?

The debate will also address the extent to which the EU and other international organizations have been forthcoming in promoting women, and what member states can do today to promote women in these new democracies.

Speakers will be:

Rouba Al-Fattal, Co-Founder of the Euro-Arab Forum

Sabra Bano, Director, Gender Concerns International

Maged Mosleh, Counsellor at the Egyptian Embassy to Belgium

The debate will be moderated by Shada Islam, Head of the Asia Programme, Friends of Europe


24 May, 2011, 18:30

Brussels Press Club

95 rue Froissart, 1040 Brussels


Register at wiisbrussels@gmail.com

WIIS Brussels is dedicated to increasing the influence of women in foreign security and defence affairs by raising their numbers and visibility, while enhancing dialogue on international security.


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